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Coconut Milk Soap

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As soap crafters we find Coconut Milk far superior to goats milk as a moisturizer. The benefits of Coconut Milk in Soap is still in its infancy. For so long it has been misaligned as being detrimental to your health because of its high natural fatty acid content. It is now known that this same high natural fatty acid content is what makes it extremely effective in beauty products. It also is now becoming known for its health benefits dispelling the cholesterol myth and health risks of times past.

We have come to the conclusion that Coconut Milk and Coconut Oil is the best all around ingredient when it comes to Health & Beauty. It is hard to separate the health benefits from the beauty benifits as it benefits both whether using it for your health or for your beauty. This cross-over of its health benefits and beauty benefits is the reason we have come to call it the miracle ingredient.